Monday, April 23, 2012

MER Opportunity Panorama Sol 1709 - Nov 14, 2008

Credit: NASA / JPL / Cornell / composite by Errol Coder
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This false color panorama of the martian landscape is taken with the MER Rover Opportunities Panorama Camera using filters L2, L5, and L7 to give this realistic color composite. You can see the variation in the martian surface, and the separation between the darker soil and oxidized red surface common with Mars. You may notice that in this composite, the sky appears bluish. This is simply an artifact of the image process. In reality the sky is closer to a white. Much like Earth's desert, you can see how the Martian surface in this view has dunes, built up by the winds. Just like on Earth, the landscape can change overnight when the wind blows by.

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